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Bare wire wound

Naked wire wound resistors have very low thermal resistance thanks to their construction and at the same time a high thermal capacity. Their design is for forced ventilation and for group mounting. We have 2 families: RMS and RDP.

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Edge wound resistors

Edge wound resistor can dissipate very high energy pulses in short time. They are used for low ohmic values. There are 2 families RNT and RNP, but it’s possible to customize them.

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Enclosed resistors

Metal box resistors use 5 different resistive elements: RMS, RDP, RCPO, RCA, RHP. Protection degree is IP20 or IP23, they can mount the thermal switch. Metal sheet is normally galvanized steel, but it’s possible to ask for the steel. There are 4 families: RX, RMX, RM, RME.

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Flatpack resistors in metallic case

Metal housed resistors are a good solution for braking resistor, precharge resistors and discharge resistors. The number of the families and the models permits to find the desired component for sure. There are several options regarding: degree of protection, thermal switch included, wires length. In total we have 9 families: RFX, RFK, RFD, RAF, RDF, RFP, RFH, RFZ, RFZ/C.

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Cemented coated wire wound resistor

Wire wound resistor on ceramic support coated by cement or vitreous enamel are products for many uses in all sectors of power electronics. Range of resistance values and rated power is very wide. In total we have 8 families, 4 cemented and 4 enameled: RC, RS, RCA, RSA, RCPO, RSPO, RCE, RSE.

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Hermetically sealed stainless steel tube resistors

Hermetic stainless steel resistors have a very peculiar specification, that is the dissipation of the energy in very severe environment like the roof of the trains. They are designed to withstand a very high voltage level.

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