Fairfild RFK/S Resistors: Empowering Global Rail Innovation

At Fairfild, we take pride in introducing our RFK/S resistors as the premier choice for rolling stock manufacturers globally. Having served the railway market since 2004, our RFK/S resistors have accumulated an impressive 1.17 billion hours of reliable operation (until Dec.2022), solidifying our position as a trusted industry partner.

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Renowned rolling stock manufacturers, including Alstom, Bombardier, Hitachi Rail, and others, have consistently chosen Fairfild as their preferred supplier since as early as 2002. Our resistors have become a standard component in various converters, both traction and auxiliary, showcasing the exceptional quality and reliability they offer.

Continuous Improvement for Optimal Performance

Since 2011, Fairfild embarked on a journey of continuous improvement, enhancing technical characteristics and manufacturing processes. The result is the 2021 edition of the RFK/S datasheet, featuring two versions – A and B. Version B, designed for higher ohmic values, attests to our commitment to staying ahead in technological advancements.

Stringent Testing for Unmatched Reliability

Our resistors undergo rigorous testing, including an official IP degree test at external independent laboratories. Recent tests, spanning more than 900 hours in humid environments, demonstrated consistent performance and insulation properties. The 2021 edition introduces Version B with enhanced insulation levels, showcasing our dedication to quality and reliability.

Innovative Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process has evolved since 2014, introducing improvements such as filling free spaces with sand to prevent resin leakage and adding components like Kapton tape for enhanced insulation. These changes, implemented since 2021, ensure the highest standards in resistor construction.

Technical Advancements

The 2021 edition introduces changes in technical data, including rated continuous power and electrical insulation. With updated dielectric strength and installation conditions, our resistors offer improved performance and safety. Laser-printed markings on the aluminum case ensure durability and clarity throughout the component’s lifespan.

Environmentally Responsible

Fairfild is committed not only to technological excellence but also to environmental responsibility. Our manufacturing facility utilizes solar panels, bans plastic bottles, and incorporates electric vehicles, contributing to a cleaner and sustainable future.

Elevate Your Rail Solutions with Fairfild RFK/S Resistors

Fairfild’s RFK/S resistors stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, reliability, and environmental stewardship. As a partner of choice for leading rolling stock manufacturers, we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, ensuring a future where cutting-edge technology meets ecological sustainability.
Choose Fairfild – Empowering Rolling Stock, Empowering the Future.


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