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RC TC 160

RC TC 160

The RC is a wire resistance wound on a ceramic tubular support coated with inorganic phosphate cement. The purpose of the coating is to (1) ensure the mechanical protection of the wire, (2) allow a uniform heat distribution and (3) limit thermal expansion of the coils. The coating does not have an electrical insulation function. The RC is available in the low inductance version; in this case, it is called RCN; it is available with an adjustment slider; in this case, it is called RCR; and with a fixed intermediate socket, in this case, it is called RCP. The latter cannot be purchased through e-commerce, please contact our sales department: sales@dev.fairfild.com.

Overview Table

Min Resistance

Max Resistance

Tolerance (%)

Rated Continuos Power (W)

Protection Degree (IP)

Not Inductive
Rated insulation voltage (V)
(Clarification on Voltage definitions.pdf)


Thermal switch




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