The importance of power resistors in the renewable energy sector,  both in terms of safety and efficiency, is hard to overstate. As the global demand for energy keeps rising and renewable sources becomes more affordable, manufacturers need to keep the pace with a more substantial and exacting demand from the energy sector.


Harmonic Filter Resistors for solar energy generation: Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. But the current they generate is direct (DC), and it needs to be converted into alternated current (AC) through an inverter before it is fed into the grid. This process collaterally produces harmonics, i.e., i.e., distortions in the frequency of the current’s waves. If let into the network, harmonics can cause voltage and current variations, and thus equipment heating, malfunctioning, and more. Therefore, harmonics need to be filtered out, and resistors play a crucial role in this process. Discover more about Fairfild’s Harmonic Filter Resistors here.

Dummy Loads in Solar Plants Maintenance: During maintenance and installation, solar panels are disconnected from the grid and this condition is potentially harmful for their efficiency, as the  energy generated while disconnected risk to overload the panels. The solution to this problem consists in connecting the panels to a dummy load during maintenance or installation. This ensures the dispersion of the energy generated by the panels. Discover more about Fairfild’s Dummy  Load Resistors here


Braking Resistors: Wind power supply is rarely steady. The direction and the speed of the wind change, along with the amount of electric energy the turbine produces. To stabilize turbines’ output, braking resistors are reliable and cheap options, especially when associated with controllers or voltage regulators. Dissipating the energy in excess as heat, they protect the turbine’s batteries and the grid from overloading. Discover more about Fairfild’s Braking Resistors here

Neutral Grounding Resistors in wind turbines: With the increase capacity of wind turbines, grounding devices’ influence on safety is getting more and more important. For Fairfild’s neutral grounding resistors, click here