Welcome to the world of Fairfild, where our dedication to technological innovation harmoniously blends with an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. We take pride in introducing our profound commitment to green policies.

Fairfild’s Commitment: Sustainable Innovation for the Future

Fairfild is not just a leader in the power resistor industry; we are pioneers of a sustainable future. Our commitment to ecological innovation is the beating heart of our corporate mission. Join us in shaping a better world, driven by Fairfild’s eco-friendly technology.

Clean Energy from Nature

We have installed solar panels on the roof of our facility to generate clean and sustainable energy. Our mission is to reduce environmental impact and contribute to a vision of a future powered by renewable energy sources.

Farewell to Plastic Bottles

We have banned the use of plastic bottles in our production facilities. We are committed to reducing our impact on single-use plastic, promoting responsible resource use, and continually working towards a plastic-free environment.

Leading Change with Electric Vehicles

To reduce our carbon footprint, we have integrated electric vehicles into our corporate fleet. With an eye towards a sustainable future, we contribute to the reduction of harmful emissions.

Improving Energy and Water Efficiency

We have implemented concrete measures to reduce energy and water consumption. Our company is committed to lowering energy and water usage, demonstrating our ongoing pursuit of more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Inkless, Waste-Free Solutions

In line with our green policy, we refrain from printing unnecessary documents such as emails, drawings, instructions, and more. We opt for digitization as a means to reduce paper usage and promote a waste-free environment.


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