1.0KW ÷ 8.2KW

Stainless steel terminals for screws M6, Very robust design for high energy pulses and heavy overload, Suitable for group assemblies

IP00, Wire wound on ceramic support mounted on a metallic bar

Dynamic braking, Charge/discharge capacitor, Load Bank

Industrial automation, Energy



The resistor is marked on the collar with indelible ink high temperature FAIRFILD – RDP 3000 150R +15% WW/YY (week / year)


In case of group mounting keep a distance of at least 30 mm between consecutive resistors.


The resistor is packed in a way to preserve incidental damages due to transport. The resistor is made by ceramic parts, accidental fall can damage it, handle with care.


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Ordering information


Y R : adjustable version

XXX Model 420, 540, 1300, 2200, 3000, 4000, 5000

RRRR Resistance value (nominal at 20°C)


RDP/R 3000 150R +15%

RDP is the name of the product 3300 is the model

150R means 150 Ω that is the nominal ohmic value at 20°C

+15% is the tolerance on the ohmic value, in this case the value of the resistor is accepted when is within 150 Ω ÷ 172.5 Ω

Note: tolerance on ohmic value for adjustable resistors is normally – 0+15% with collar mounted in the resistor. Standard tolerance on ohmic value is ±5%. RDP model is manufactured according to E24 series.