Technical Notes

The application area of our products is power electronics whose function is, among others, to manage and control the electric power flow supplying tension and current in an optimal way to load devices such as electric motors.

A few examples are the devices and circuits deputed to the conversion of the electric voltage from alternated to continuous mode (AC-DC) and vice versa (DC-AC), or to the level control of the DC voltage, to the frequency variation, to the supply of the DC motors, to the speed control of an AC motor, to the torque control of a DC motor.

Together with the diode valves rectifiers, SCR, IT GIVES, TRIAC, IGBT, GTO, transistors and capacitors there are the power resistors: they can be found in nearly all the electric circuits.

The resistances are not undifferentiated: the most suitable resistance has to be selected upon the application it will be involved in.

For the development of new products the information that Fairfild needs are:

  • The area of application.
  • Electrical data (tension, current, resistance, power, insulation).
  • Duty cycle data.
  • Mechanical data.
  • Thermal datas (ambient temperature, maximum temperature allowed).
  • IP protection degree.
  • Vibration cycles.