RM 02M

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RM 02M

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IP20 metal structure resistive casing.
The casing of the RM series uses RCPO tubular cemented spark plugs. The frame of the enclosure is made of galvanized steel and has an IP20 degree of protection. The power terminals are available on a clamp and are located within the casing. The box can be equipped with thermal pad with a suitable clamp within the casing, in this case called the RMT.

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Delivery (days)15
Tolerance (%)5
Rated continuous power (W)1800
Protection degree (IP)IP20
Maximum operating voltage (V)700
For this product are available these options:*
  • AISI 304 enclosure
*Options must be ordered separately, please contact Fairfild
1. In what sectors is this resistance used?
The main sector of application is industrial automation, including lifting.
2. For what types of applications is it used?
The product is used: as a dynamic braking resistor and as motor starting resistance.
1. What are the electrical specifications?
The RM family provides for 3 models with power ratings from 0.9 kW to 1.8 kW. The ohmic value varies from 0.43 Ω to 180 Ω. The maximum voltage of use is 700 V.
2. What are the overload conditions?
The resistance can be overloaded with respect to its nominal power based on the working cycle (insertion and rest time). For duration pulse less than one second, the overload permissible also depends on the ohmic value.
3. What is the temperature of the resistance?
The temperature of the resistance depends on the power that it will dissipate. The rated power value indicated in the data sheet refers to a temperature on the upper wall of about 200°C.
1. How must I install the product?
The resistance can be mounted horizontally or vertically on the wall. The terminals should always be kept low to avoid heating during the working of the resistance.
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