Fairfild power resistors since 1977

Established in Milan in 1977, Fairfild acquired after a couple of years a company operating in the field of resistors since 1954.
During the 80's and the 90's the Company widened its offer in the production range and in the served fields.
At the same time it also began appearing on the foreign markets.
In year 2000 Fairfild obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certification and in year 2004 it reached the UL certification on some of its product lines too.
2005 is the year that marks the beginning of a path that lead the company to win many important international competitive tenders for the supply of braking rheostats and neutral grounding resistors.
Since year 2006, Fairfild has been investing a lot in research, development, skilled staff and laboratory facilities.
Today Fairfild is a modern company characterized by continuous growth, with state-of-the-art production facilities and a test laboratory able to accomplish many of the type and series tests required by the different specifications of the customers and by the relevant international standards.
The many market requirements of innovative solutions or just of replacement parts of old resistors find their positive feedback in Fairfild: there is a specific area for custom products both on our website and in our catalogue.
High quality and efficient production process are fundamental for our customers. We meet their needs with precise punctuality, together with a high skill and an acquired experience that makes our company a reliable partner.
Our products are made with high quality raw materials and are subject to many systematic inspections  (starting from the components reception, to the shipment).
The constant research and the implementation of operative procedures and instructions on our production technology allow us to apply the concept of “repeatability” also to those processes which are typically characterized by a high manual component.


As fully described in the “general technical info” section, the range of our production is wide. Here are the main adopted technologies :

  • Tape / wire wound coated by vitreous enamel or cement on ceramic support
  • Hermetically sealed stainless steel tube
  • Hermetically sealed aluminium case with or without heat sink
  • Liquid cooled
  • Iron case (not hermetically sealed)
  • Metal box
  • Uncoated wire wound
  • Edge wound
  • Oxidised wire
  • Grid or plate


As fully described in the “application area” section, our product are used for:

  • braking rheostats
  • charge / discharge capacitors
  • resistors for snubber nets
  • in harmonic filters
  • neutral grounding resistors
  • resistors of dynamics braking (both internal and external) in association with the inverter
  • motor control
  • heating resistors in control panels
  • dummy load
  • heating resistors 

Most important market we work for are:

  • Railways
  • Industrial automation
  • Energy


Fairfild nasce a Milano nel 1977 e acquisisce un'azienda operante nel settore delle resistenze a filo fin dal 1954. Gli anni ottanta e novanta vedono la società svilupparsi sul fronte dei prodotti e dei settori serviti, è in questo periodo che inizia ad affacciarsi sui mercati esteri.
Fairfild, da sempre investe nella qualità dei propri prodotti e dei processi aziendali e nel 2000 ottiene la certificazione ISO 9001:2000.
Fairfild, da sempre investe nella qualità dei propri prodotti e dei processi aziendali e nel 2004 la certificazione UL su alcune linee di prodotto.
Dal 2005 Fairfild comincia il percorso che la porterà a vincere importanti gare a livello nazionale per la fornitura di resistori di messa a terra del neutro e reostati di frenatura per veicoli ferroviari.
Dal 2006 in poi Fairfild investe ogni anno in modo significativo in ricerca e sviluppo sia in personale che in attrezzature per il laboratorio.
1977 - 1990